Welcome at the IBF


The earth we are populating is a part of our native environment and at the same time for us − as a more and more economical scarce building land − often a technical ambitious building site. It is our provider with raw materials, an energy storage, sometimes an archaeological site which is worthy of protection, but sometimes also a dangerous old environmental damage.

Our field of activity is geotechnics which is placed at the interface between the classical civil engineering and the geoscience. It's ultimate ambition is the utilisation and formation of our earth − but also the preservation of it as a living space and cultural area − for the common good.

We are engaged with the mechanical properties of soil and rock, for us similarly building ground and building material. The typical "buildings" to whose making we contribute are foundations, bored piles, retaining walls and embankments, tunnels and caverns, underground reservoirs, landfills, shoreline stabilisations and dams. Our staff members are mostly civil engineers, but also geophysicists, engineering geologists and mining engineers.