Institute of Soil Mechanics and Rock Mechanics (IBF)


Our scientific work is done within research groups with research associates, postgraduates, graduate assistants and students integrated in it and which each is represented by a spokesman:

  • Constitutive Equations and Numerics for Geomaterials
    Spokesman: Andrzej Niemunis
  • Cyclic Soil Behaviour
  • Soil Dynamics and Measurement Engineering
    Spokesman: Gerhard Huber
  • Foundation Engineering and Special Underground Constructions
    Spokesman: Peter Kudella
  • Embankment Dams and Landfill Technology
    Spokesman: Andreas Bieberstein
  • Geomechanics und Rock Engineering
    Spokesman: Peter Kudella

These research groups are not to be regarded as statically. Our fields of activity can change to other main emphases with the time.

Here are some selected research projects on which we worked during the past years or with which we are involved presently: