Embankment Dams and Landfill Technology

Our Offers relating to Embankment Dams and Landfill Technology:

  • Consultancy on questions relating to embankment dams and landfill technology, sedimentation installations, subsurface water flow and restorations of old environmental damages.
  • Development and survey of procedures for landfill sealings and enclosure of old environmental damages.
  • Model tests and calculations for structural safety, deformations and seep flows.
  • Instrumentation and monitoring of constructions, embankment dams, banks and landfills.
  • Suitability tests of minerally materials according to DIN 4093, DIN 4126 and DIN 4127.
  • Suitability tests of grouting materials.
  • Suitability tests of materials for landfill sealings according to the advices of GDA.
  • Suitability tests for anchors according to DIN 4125.
  • Material tests for geotechnical problems (in the laboratory and outdoor).

We dispose of:

  • An environmental laboratory for CHC analysis.
  • Test equipment for the determination of the mechanical and hydraulic properties of soil- and rock bulk material (up to 1,2 m in diameter).
  • Field measuring equipment for mechanical and hydraulic tests on Untersuchungen on bulk material and in the subsurface.



Please contact for further information:


Dr.-Ing. Andreas Bieberstein