Rock Mechanics

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Within the field of rock mechanics we advise companies on scientific relevant and sophisticated questions of rock constructions and tunnelling. Complex numeric computer analyses of every interesting rock mechanical problems can be made easily with our high-performance workstations.

As a research institute we also have various rock mechanics laboratory rooms - one of them climatic conditioned - in which all standard rock mechanical tests can be carried out. Apart from that we have also testing equipment for the investigation and characterisation of the time-dependent material properties of rocks. Developing new or improved test apparatus and testing programs is one of the main aims of our staff and most of the apparatus are built by the workshops of the institute. Therefore many specific tests can be carried out, for example tests at high temperatures and tests for determining the swelling behaviour and the permeability of rock. Some index tests and accompanying material analyses can also be made.

We are also able to perform triaxial compression tests on large rock specimens with a diameter of up to 600 mm (approx. 2 feet) together with the appropriate drilling equipment. Apart from that, we offer optical borescope inspections in rock masses.


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