Young Engineers Award 2024

We are pleased to announce that Mr Häring has won the Young Engineering Award 2024 of the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Engineers in the category Bachelor Thesis, Research.

With his outstanding thesis on the title „Investigations on the calibration and variation of material model parameters of neohypoplasticity“, Mr Häring convinced the jury and prevailed against the competition. The research provides valuable insights in the field of soil modelling and shows innovative approaches to improve the application of neohypoplastic models.

We congratulate Mr Häring on this well-deserved success and his commitment.

We wish Mr Häring continued success!

Generalized intergranular strain concept and its application to hypoplastic models

In our publication “Generalized intergranular strain concept and its application to hypoplastic models” in the journal “Computers and Geotechnics” (L. Mugele, H.H. Stutz and D. Mašín) we present a further development for constitutive modeling of cyclic deformations in soil: the Generalized Intergranular Strain Concept (GIS). This work is the result of a collaboration between KIT and Charles University Prague.

One of the advantages of the GIS approach is that it prevents overshooting and simultaneously enables the modeling of non-linear accumulation effects. The concept can be easily applied to many hypoplastic and elasto-plastic constitutive models and is based on the widely used intergranular strain approach.

In addition, we were able to extend the hypoplastic model according to von Wolffersdorff for the first time by the so-called asymptotic state surface, which offers decisive advantages for the coupling of the model with the GIS approach. The implementation of the resulting constitutive model can soon be downloaded and tested in UMAT format. The resulting model can soon be downloaded in UMAT format.

Link to the publication
Feldversuch zum Rüttelstopfsäuleneinbau und Betrachtung zur Hohlraumaufweitung

In our new publication ‘Field test on the installation of vibratory tamping columns and observations on cavity expansion’ in geotechnik, we analyse the effects of vibratory tamping column installation on the condition of the in-situ soil. Together with Dr Lukas Knittel, Dr habil. Vladimir Osinov, Dipl.-Ing. Paul Pandrea, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Henning Stutz and in co-operation between Keller Grundbau GmbH and the IBF, we have examined both a large-scale field test and numerical simulations of the monotonic and cyclic expansion of a cavity. In coarse-grained soils in particular, considerable positive installation effects were observed, which can be explained at least quantitatively by means of corresponding simulations.

Link to the publication
DYNAmore-Preis 2023

We congratulate Mr Maximilian Tillmanns on being awarded the DYNAmore Prize 2023 for his master's thesis ‘Execution safety of single-phase sealing walls’, which he wrote at the IBF. Congratulations!

Guest lecture on 10 June 2024 at IBF

On 10 June 2024, a guest lecture by Prof. Kenny Kataoka Sørensen from Denmark will take place in the IBF seminar room.

New guest PhD student at IBF

We are pleased to welcome Gilbert Girumugisha, a guest PhD student, to our KIT-IBF team. Gilbert Girumugisha is supervised by Prof. Carlos Ovalle, and together we will collaboratively work on large-scale triaxial testing of boulder/gravel-sized materials. This project is funded by Mitacs Globalink. It represents a step forward in our collaboration between KIT and Polytechnique Montréal. Welcome to the team, Gilbert Girumugisha, and stay tuned for further updates.

16.10.2023 - Geotechnical seminar series in the winter semester 2023/2024

On 16.10. our geotechnical seminar in WS 23/24 will take place.

10.10.2023 - research project WINSENTvalid

Current progress of our research project WINSENTvalid can be found here.

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